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Your Pregnant Core: Pre & Postnatal Pilates Education

✧ Are you a certified Pilates instructor interested in working with pregnant and postnatal clients?

✧ Do you want the ability to confidently teach pregnant and postpartum women without the fear of hurting mom or baby?

✧ Are you looking for support in working with this special population?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you have found your home!

About Page Contents:

  • Posts to Start With
  • Why I started this blog
  • Working with pregnant and postpartum women
  • Why our work is important
  • A gift for you
  • Contact Information

If you want to learn more about me, Alison B. Marsh, Click Here for my bio and credentials 

Posts to Start With

What is Pregnancy Pilates?

Teaching With Confidence -What you Need to Know During Pregnancy

How to Strengthen the Core During Pregnancy

Research about Pre & Postnatal Health and Exercise

How to Stop Hip and Pelvic Pain During Pregnancy

Loosen Up Tight Shoulders with the Blooming Flower

I started this blog as a resource for my pregnancy Pilates teacher training students.

DK Pregnancy Pilates Teacher Training
DK Pregnancy Pilates Teacher Training

I teach a biannual, in-person, Pregnancy Pilates Teacher Training at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. (I am working on an on-line training! To be released by the end of this year-December 2016.)

I am EXCITED to open up YourPregnantCore.com to all Pilates and fitness instructors and educators working with pregnant and postpartum women, or who want to work with the pre and postnatal population of women.

Working with pregnant and postpartum women is a rewarding clientele to serve

✧ You get to support your client through the most amazing milestone of their lives.
✧ You are playing a HUGE part in the health and well-being of your client and their unborn child.
✧ Your clients spend more time with you then with their best friends, (if you’re seeing them 2-3 times a week) (I would love to see my best friend even once a week.)

Because of this, your clients trust you…

✧ They trust their rapidly changing bodies to you
✧ They trust that how you are moving and working them is safe and beneficial for them AND their babies.
✧ They trust your expertise in the area of pre and postnatal health

This unique population requires optimal attention during this short, yet rapid, transformation that happens to pregnant and postpartum women.

There are crucial basics to know and avenues to explore when designing workouts such as:

Pregnancy Pilates Diastasis Recti Diagram
Thank You to ReadySetMamas.com for the use of this amazing diagram!
  • the hormones involved in these changes,
  • pregnancy symptoms such as fatigue and dizziness,
  • physiological changes that interfere,
  • labor, delivery, and postpartum recovery
  • psychological changes

Click Here for a primer on pregnancy Pilates

My hope is that the information you find here will support you in your teaching technique and relationships with your pregnant and postpartum women clientele. 

Not seeing what you need? Please leave a comment in the box below and I will be more than happy to provide the information you are looking for!

I have a gift for you!Freemium 2 Crash Course


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Pre & Postnatal Pilates Instructor Crash Course: A Checklist

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My son Zech and I
My son Zech and me


Contact me, Alison Marsh, at AlisonB.Marsh@YourPregnantCore.com,  or fill out the comment field at the end of this page.




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