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✦5 Steps to a Strong, Resilient Core: A Workshop Manual PDF for Pilates instructors✦

Product 1-5 steps to a strong, resilient core


Gain a deep understanding of the core muscles during pregnancy with the anatomy tutorial

This Workshop Manual Includes over 30 pages with the following information:

  • A Pregnancy Primer including general goals during pregnancy, exercise prescription, and contraindications during pregnancy
  • 5 Steps to Hugging the Baby – How to gain a strong, resilient core.
  • Benefits of Hugging the Baby
  • The Physiological Changes during pregnancy-organs, abdominals, pelvis, and center of gravity
  • Proper Pregnancy Posture
  • When to Hug the Baby
  • The safety of Hug the Baby presented by Paige Cook, RN
  • Exercise Application
  • Pregnancy Breathing Mini-Workshop – Lateral Thoracic Breathing
  • Anatomy Tutorial: Uterus, Pelvic Floor, Deep Back Muscles, Lattisimus dorsi, and the Diaphragm
  • Applying Hug the Baby & Pregnant Breathing to Reformer Exercises
  • A list of recommended reading

“How will Hug the Baby benefit my clients?”

Keeps posture in shape allowing the body to perform optimally.
Conditions the transverse and pelvic floor muscles in preparation for labor, birth, and recovery
Prevent or alleviate low back pain
And those are just a few of the many benefits your pregnant clients will get with this concept.

As instructors, we spend more time with our clients then probably their best friends or family members.

Our job is to nurture those relationships on a professional level, helping our clients to feel comfortable enough with us to freely and openly move their bodies to transformative places.

You are sharing in the most amazing time of their lives, their pregnancy, and they are trusting you with that time.

Please e-mail me with any questions you have! I am here to help you! AlisonB.Marsh@YourPregnantCore.com

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